About Word Of Faith Ministries International, Miami, Florida. Host of the Spirit-filled Bible Teaching Ministry of the “Deep Things of God” (1 Cor. 2:10)
Word of Faith Ministries International and its School of Ministry operate through the Lord Jesus Christ as the Senior Pastor or Chief Shepherd and the voluntary efforts of Bern Zumpano, its President Elder and Bishop David Christian, its Director of Ministries.

Bern Zumpano is a Christian author, Bible teacher, and worldwide radio personality whose copyrighted writings and Bible teachings on audiocassette tapes made from 1984 to the present, have been listened to the ministry through a copyright license, through him, for ministry purposes. He receives no income from any materials written or produced by him over the years. He has licensed Word of Faith Ministries International to reproduce, publish, or distribute all tape and book materials at its own expense, and to keep all incomes and proceeds strictly for the use and propagation of the Gospel and ministry alone, that the mission of the church will be carried out for the Lord's glory; that the church-at-large will be blessed and edified as part of this labor of love. Bern Zumpano's home Bible teachings have been turned into weekly radio broadcasts which reach all of the nations of the world in the English language. They can be heard over World Harvest Radio Network, 15105 shortwave, on Sundays at 11 a.m. EST in the United States , and also through Pan American Broadcasting system and Radio Africa.

He resides in Miami , Florida , U.S.A.