About Word Of Faith Ministries International, Miami, Florida. Host of the Spirit-filled Bible Teaching Ministry of the “Deep Things of God” (1 Cor. 2:10)
Word of Faith Ministries International started on September 21, 1995 as a home Bible study for more mature Christians. After 6-8 weeks, an occasional newborn Christian would come to the meetings, and over several months, many more. At first, those who originated the Bible study did not know what to do with them. We began to teach more elementary Christian doctrine to provide spiritual nourishment for them. After 3-5 months, someone suggested that praise and worship songs or hymns, one or two in number, be sung before beginning Bible study, in order to welcome the Holy Spirit. Over months, this was followed by more and more, until a full praise and worship routine was formed, and the Bible study evolved into a teaching sermon. Bern Zumpano, one of the founders of the group, turned to one of the other founders one Saturday night during one of the meetings, and said to him, "Do you realize what the Holy Spirit is doing with us? He is forming us into a home church!" Informal home meetings continued on for the following 24 months or so, and on August 22, 1997 , the ministry was legally incorporated into a non-profit Federal and State Corporation in the State of Florida (USA) under the name "Souls' Harbor Covenant Fellowship". As the ministry grew into a local home church, the name was changed to "Souls' Harbor Church of the Covenant", and later in 1998, to "Word of Faith Church and Ministries." With continual growth provided by the Holy Spirit, Souls' Harbor Church began its worldwide radio broadcasts and Bible teachings on June 8, 1998 , on World Harvest Radio Network, Pan American Broadcasting Network, and Radio Africa. By June 8, 2000 , it had completed its 140 radio broadcast. In June of 1999, Word of Faith Church and Ministries began formalizing its discipleship training locally with the formation of its School of Ministry and 3.5 Year Discipleship Program leading to ordination, where applicable. By mid-1999 or so, Word of Faith established a branch of its ministry and School of Ministry in Nigeria . In May, 2000, the Board of Elders/Directors of the Ministry elected to change the name of the Ministry to Word of Faith Ministries International, seeing that the Holy Spirit had established us in with overseas branches.

Presently, the following branches of Ministry exist:

Word Of Faith Ministries International, USA
School Of Ministry in Miami , Florida
Word Of Faith Ministries International, Nigeria
School Of Ministry in Ibadan
School of Evangelism in Benin City
Word Of Faith Ministries International, Indonesia
School Of Ministry in Jakarta
School Of Ministry in Surabaya
School Of Ministry in Manado
Word Of Faith Ministries International, Philippines
School Of Ministry in General Santos City
Word Of Faith Ministries International, Ukraine
School Of Ministry in Kharkov
Word of Faith Ministries International, India
School Of Ministry in Madhira

Word of Faith Ministries International has operated since its inception, upon Mt. 10:8...freely you have received, freely give. Wherever possible, it has walked by faith alone in Christ alone... . since the beginning, depending only on the tithes and offerings of the small numbers of people who make up the participants in this humble and small ministry. There have been large expenses. Nevertheless, the Ministry continues to solely depend upon the giving of others through donations, grants, or endowments. With few exceptions out of necessity, no participant in ministry, regardless of position, is salaried, and the Ministry is entirely staffed by volunteers.

Presently, Word of Faith Ministries International has become a worldwide Ministry through radio broadcasts, Internet broadcasts, and ministerial branch outreaches in several nations, all provided to the body of Christ, worldwide, free of charge. The Holy Spirit has brought the funds to us since our beginning as a home Bible study in one members' home, passing a dish or hat around to collect the few dollars here or there that the Holy Spirit put it upon people's hearts to donate. He caused us to grow and reach out to others. He continues to be our only source of supply and funding. We still continue to grow and reach out, walking by faith, not by sight.

The Pastor of Word of Faith Ministries International is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is a reality to us as a Living Person who is present, active, and leading, in all aspects of His Ministry through us. Our Bishop-Overseer is David Christian; Our Presiding Elder is Bern Zumpano. Both are called by the Lord to the 5-fold ministry, and both are Biblical scholars. All members of the ministry are volunteers who serve without pay, following the example of servant-hood to others, established by Jesus.

Pray for us. We welcome you into the Word of Faith family. We are each a part in the body of Christ, whose we are, and whom we serve, to His glory, alone.

"Their Voice has gone out into all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world." (Ps. 19:4)