“Gene Moody is a Spirit-filled Christian believer and minister based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Gene and I have been friends for years. I consider him to be, in all likelihood, the most experienced and prolific deliverance minister of our time. His expansive knowledge of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance, evidenced in his numerous and abundant writings on the subject, and detailed in nature, reflect the spirit and soul behind them. Several years ago, Gene and I decided to combine our Spiritual Warfare/Deliverance materials together on the Word of Faith Ministries International Website, to make available to Christians worldwide, a treasury of badly needed knowledge and instruction for these end times, providing multiple resources for the edification of the body of Christ. We invite other Spirit-filled Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Ministers to consider submitting their writings for free downloads, so that we may network the Church and provide one of the largest collections of materials on these subjects to the body of Christ, worldwide, to read online or freely download to their computer Desktops. We believe that the Holy Spirit is networking churches and ministries in these end-times for the benefit and protection of all.

Please join us in our effort to the Lord’s Glory.
Blessings in Him,
Bern Zumpano, presiding elder
Word of Faith Ministries International-Miami.


How To Do Deliverance
by: by Gene Moody

Download here:  How To Do Deliverance by Gene Moody (841 downloads)


The Big Spiritual Picture 01503
by: by Gene Moody

Download here:  The Big Spiritual Picture by Gene Moody (723 downloads)

Sexual Deliverance Manual
by: by Gene Moody

Download here:  Sexual Deliverance Manual by Gene Moody (700 downloads)

Mini Deliverance Manual Rev 1.1A by Gene Moody
Download here:  Moody-Mini-Deliverance (192 downloads)

Witchcraft Deliverance Manual: by Gene Moody
Download here:  Witchcraft Deliverance Manual - by Gene Moody (198 downloads)