Mohammed said Jesus is a True Prophet

The Muslims insist that the paraclete would be a person of flesh and blood and not a Spirit who is God Himself. Even if we concede at this point for the sake of continuing our dialogue, the question we need to ask a Muslim is, is Jesus a prophet? They would of course respond that Mohammed said he was. Can a prophet lie? They would answer in the negative. Then if Jesus is a true prophet then whatever he said should be heeded. Jesus claimed to be the only way to God.

If Jesus is right then Mohammed is wrong. If Jesus is wrong, Mohammed is still wrong, because he (Mohammed), said, he is right. So if Jesus is a true prophet he said heaven and earth would pass away before the word would. Then the word is not corrupted but preserved, because Jesus was a true prophet. And we should believe true prophets.

From “Let Us Reason”  website

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel exposes the TRUTH about Islam in the video to the right: